Amazing Data feed management and optimization software

Effectively manage your item feeds

Manage all your product feed activity with our Digital Data Feed. Our Data feed management and optimization software is easy to upload your products, manage your inventory, and keep your product data up-to-date.

We also offer a wide range of features to help you optimize your product data for the best possible performance on your sales channels.

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What is Digital Data Feed?

Our services

Our Shopping Data feed management and optimization Software is the secret scale of your Ecommerce business

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Digital Data Feed for Advertising

Utilize the 360-degree perspective on your product to keep your product information complete and reliable across all channels. Access your item information from limitless sources to effortlessly oversee complex product catalogs. Get started with today

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Digital Data Feed for Marketplaces

Change the manner in which you carry the business. Make your stock accessible to worldwide commercial centers and market your items to another crowd. And Coordinate with existing business systems. Make use of Digital Data feed support.

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Digital Data Feed Inside

Manage hundreds or thousands of product feed from our digital data feed dashboard. We use the most powerful technology for data injection and data processing. The processed data are moved to the google shopping product feed for better result on google shopping ads.

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Why partner with Digital Data Feed?

Pull data source from anywhere

We can easily retrieve products from any online shopping platform, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, SalesForce, and more.
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Product data listed everywhere

We optimize your product data and automatically list your products using our powerful data feed management software.

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Innovative technology

Our team designs the most efficient and flexible technology, which allows customers to achieve more with automation.
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Full service

Experience the benefits of a fully-configured, dedicated independent ecommerce feed consultant. We’ll always be here for you.

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We are proud to have some big brands as our customer

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Digital Data Feeds is an interface to a data source. Data Feeds are organized in a feed containing entries. Each entry is a single object of information, and each feed contains many entries.

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