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We DigitalDataFeed, Product Feed Management Platform Provider using our top-notch technology and services, we enable consumers to list products on Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook, among other online shopping destinations.

DigitalDataFeed Our Story
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The goal of launching digital data feed was to build the industry’s top feed platform.

We’ve always thought that optimized feeds deliver greater results. We made progress in direct reaction to the difficulties we encountered in providing support and the ability to change data to get the greatest advertising performance possible in a world.

We are committed to developing a positive workplace environment that draws inspiration from everyone. To create an outstanding experience for everyone we work with, we bring the best versions of ourselves.

Improve the efficiency of your selling processes by  our Product Feed Management Platform  by automating order management for popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target Plus, and others.

How is Digital Data Feed Different?

Trusted Team

Located in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. our group is committed to help you business achievement. Our innovation is all evolved in-house and we never depend on untrusted innovation accomplices.

Cyber-security Experts

Working an intermediary network expects top to bottom digital protection industry experience. Our pioneers have effectively established network protection organizations.

Privacy First

Your data and intermediary action is all private and never imparted to outsiders. Dissimilar to numerous other intermediary suppliers, we never course your delicate business traffic over compromised servers.

Technology Driven

We holds different key licenses in building quick, protected and scalable proxy servers. Our driven approach is changing the organization proxy business to enable data access to organizations.

Digital Data Feeds is an interface to a data source. Data Feeds are organized in a feed containing entries. Each entry is a single object of information, and each feed contains many entries.

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 Whatsapp : +918668034928