Manage all channels product feed and optimize in one place.

Digital data feed unlocks sales growth by automating product feed optimization, catalog listing, order management, and more

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Our Data feed Optimization is the best solution for marketplaces, advertising channels, and data aggregation

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Digital data feed

Our powerful product feed and optimization platform imports data from anywhere, optimizes large data or complex catalogs

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Data Feed

With our product feed management, merchants are able to manage order data through their centralized platform.

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Digital data

Digital data feed management software is a revolutionary feed management tool, it automate the feed with accuracy.

Product Feed and Optimize Platform

Our digital data feed is the most powerful platform for data feed management. It takes full control on the product data in all channels.

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Our data feed automated system always protect and improve the data give.

New Project

Prevent errors and safegaurd lisiting

New Project

Skip overselling with stock buffers

New Project

Get with quality checks

Prevent errors and safegaurd lisiting

Skip overselling with stock buffers

Get with quality checks

We have a solution for all situation

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Custom labels and A/B testing

We segment the products by price, performance, margins etc., for better performance.

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Product listings that convert

Our product feed management tool find the converting keywords missing from the title and description.

Automated Order Management

For top marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more capitalize the selling with automating order management tool.

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Digital data feed simplifies the workflows, resources, avoid error even in multi channels, delays, accurate product categorization and improved performance by automation

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Digital Data Feeds is an interface to a data source. Data Feeds are organized in a feed containing entries. Each entry is a single object of information, and each feed contains many entries.

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